WCMS Committees

The Executive Council meets eight times a year, and consists of the officers, and at least three elected Council members. The Council coordinates and supervises the function and activities of this Society.
The House of Delegates (HOD) is the official policy-making body of the Michigan State Medical Society. Each year, physicians from across the state submit resolutions for debate and consideration. Resolutions are the vehicles used to debate and determine policies, priorities and direction of MSMS. County medical societies are allocated a set number of delegate and alternate voting slots determined by annual membership numbers. Washtenaw typically is allocated 14 delegate and alternate slots. The delegation meets once in April to review the package of resolutions and delegates must attend the weekend meeting. Hotel and relevant travel is paid for by the individual delegate.

Virtual 2021 HOD (due to COVID-19):

  • Communicate plan to Delegates and Board: February 1-5
  • 2021 and 2020 (held or tabled) Resolutions Due: March 1
  • Resolution Review Committee meets: March 29 – April 3
  • Post resolutions: April 5 - 9
  • Online testimony: April 5-16
  • Reference Committees meet: April 19 - 23
  • Virtual Officer Speeches and Candidate Forum (Optional): May 1,
    9:00 – 10:30 am
  • Post Reference Committee Report and Online Voting: April 30 – May
  • Candidate Voting (if contested): May 1 – May 16
  • Vote on Extractions (majority needed for tabling): May 17 - 21
  • Post final report: May 24 - 28
The Membership Committee develops innovative membership recruitment, as well as works on the retention of current members.  This committee meets twice a year.
The Legislative Committee is a liaison between physicians, legislators and other government officials to spearheads grassroots activities. This committee meets at least four times a year with local legislators.
The Finance Committee consists of the Officers of the Washtenaw County Medical Society and meets as necessary to review Society finances, including dues revenue and investment strategies.  This committee meets twice a year.
The Programming Committee develops, conducts, and jointly sponsors the four, annual WCMS membership events. The Committee also directs CME activities. The Programming and Membership Committees often work jointly. The Committee meets twice a year.

Task Force Workgroups

The COVID-19 Task Force meets when needed to discuss the virus and public health concerns.  The Task Force works with health and medical leaders in Washtenaw County (including University of Michigan Health System, Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, IHA, and Washtenaw County Health Department) to develop, refine and exercise community response plan.
The Climate Action Task Force meets as necessary and keeps the membership apprised of pressing advocacy opportunities related to climate action.
The Nominating Task Force meets at least twice a year.  Once in September to vet and nominate officers (President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer), House of Delegate alternates and delegates; as well as propose new members of the Executive Council, if necessary.  The Task Force will meet again to review nominations and presentation to the Executive Council in October, in order that the ballot can be voted on at the November General Session.
The Bylaws Task Force meets as needed to review and update the WCMS Constitution and Bylaws and introduce those revisions to the Executive Council for approval, before being voted into effect by the entire WCMS membership.
The Ethics Task Force reviews cases by an active member or committee of the Society for the investigation of misconduct alleged to have been committed by any member of the Society. The Peer/Review Ethics Task Force meets as needed.
A broad task force of physician specialists who review patient complaints alleging cases of inappropriate or unprofessional behavior by physician members of WCMS. The Mediation Task Force meets as needed.  


Our mission is to provide networking, educational and volunteer opportunities to young professionals within Washtenaw County. We work to help forge connections, inspire leadership and foster continued education in the medical field. See the Education Fund for more information on scholarship opportunities for residents and fellows.
WCMS offers the opportunity to network and form relationships with fellow students and Washtenaw County physicians, as well as a support to the AMA interim and annual meetings and a voice on the WCMS Executive Council.
Goal: The goal of the WCMS Externship Scholarship is to provide volunteer exposure for undergraduate students interested in medicine. The secondary goals are to provide physicians the opportunity to mentor students and to promote the WCMS in the community.

Program Director: Executive Director of the WCMS

Target Population: The preferred applicant is an undergraduate student interested in a career in medicine. Preferential selection will be given for those students that are Washtenaw County residents. Applications will be accepted for students interested in other health care fields such as nursing, pharmacy, physician assistant, and psychology as well as from other counties.

Target Mentors: Mentors are practicing physicians and a Washtenaw County Medical Society Member. Locations may be an office, clinic or facility provided appropriate patient privacy documents and any other employee resource needs are met. Mentors that are not practicing physicians and a Washtenaw County Medical Society Member will be considered on an individual basis.

Target Sponsors: Financial Sponsorships are solicited from any business or individual interested in supporting the scholarships.

Application Process:

The undergraduate student must have completed one semester of college prior to applying to the WCMS scholarship program. The application is a current resume or curriculum vitae and a letter stating the applicant’s goals in healthcare addressed to the The acceptable applicants will then have an interview and be placed with appropriate mentors. The acceptable student will sign the “Volunteer Externship Agreement.”

The mentor will provide a curriculum vitae and a one page letter addressed to stating the proposed role of the extern in their practice and how many externs they would like to mentor. Acceptable mentors will sign the “Externship Subscription Agreement”.

Evaluation Process:

The externs will have an exit interview with an evaluation sheet.

Mentors will have an exit interview with an evaluation sheet.

A letter of recommendation will then be made for the extern and the extern will receive a stipend for educational purposes.

Interested in running for office or serving on a committee or task force?

Contact the WCMS office