WCMS COVID-19 Advocacy Principles

PHYSICIAN JUDGEMENTWCMS supports the direct coordination by federal, state, and county leaders and agencies with physicians on COVID-19 prevention and response. Physicians are the experts in developing virus spread prevention strategies, treatment and prescribing decisions, and determining safe economic reengagement for communities.  WCMS backs physicians' best clinical judgements and upholds their expert decisions on evolving community needs during pandemic response. This is our lane.

PRACTICE ASSISTANCEWCMS supports continued and sustained direct stipend payments to physicians and physician offices for costs such as payroll, restocking PPE, liability insurance premiums, and technology improvements. WCMS supports fair reimbursement and Medicaid uplifts for all specialties during Fiscal Year 2020-2021 to at least 85-100% of Medicare rates. This will assist practices in increasing or maintaining their capacity to care for beneficiaries when pandemic-related practice restrictions are lifted.

PROTECTION & IMMUNITYWCMS supports physician civil and criminal liability protections, except in the case of gross negligence, during GOVID-19.  Physicians are at increased liability risk at this time as the novel virus has not been seen or treated before, forcing the frontline to learn and adapt quickly. Under the suspension of non-essential services, physicians haven't been able to perform preventive care, which has left patients without vital checks and routine visits. Physicians need enhanced liability protections in order to care for their patients effectively. 

HAZARD PAY & LOAN FORGIVENESSWCMS supports physician hazard pay and expanded federal student loan forgiveness and tuition relief for frontline physicians, as well as medical students,  who are putting their lives on the line by providing direct care for COVID-19 patients, or other significant contributions to the response through research, public health, and telemedicine. Our frontline didn't have the resources needed to adequately combat COVID-19; let's now ensure we dedicate adequate financial resources so they can continue their work. 


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