WCMS Bulletin: Spring 2020 Edition

Access the digital 1st quarter issue of the WCMS Bulletin: President's Message on COVID-19, COVID-19 Resources, January Action Day in Lansing, Share Your Story, MedConnect Event Summary, Highlights of the Executive Council Meeting, Washtenaw County Health Department Medical Director Report, & More!

This issue of the WCMS Bulletin is finally arriving, a little bit late, because of the activities ongoing on many fronts. You can see from the reports on pages 21 and 22 that the Washtenaw County Health Department had its eye on the novel coronavirus and had actually begun some early testing in the county as of February 4. There were only 11 persons nationally who tested positive for COVID-19 at that time; none in Washtenaw County. Little did we know then how the pandemic would progress. The COVID-19 crisis is evolving and the stories about it are yet to be written.

In the meantime, we are all learning to shelter in place, meet by video conference, and work on-line from home. This experience may be transformative in many ways, not all of which can be predicted. Or we may learn that a place to work, not at home, is a good thing to have. These stories, too, are yet to be written.

At the time we were putting this issue together the main focus of attention were the hearings in Lansing on the Health Can't Wait legislation, which is described on page 8. This topic was discussed in detail at the Legislative Affairs meeting a week later and led to at least one resolution being drafted for the upcoming (although presently on hold) MSMS House of Delegates meeting.

WCMS members, Charles Koopmann in particular, have been actively involved in nominating new members for the restructured MSMS Board of Directors, to be voted on at the HOD or perhaps in some alternative electronic fashion.

There are two shared stories you will want to read. The first is an account by Darrell (Skip) Campbell, a former WCMS president, of this father's service as a military surgeon in WWII. This account covers only the D-Day landing. His father's surgical diaries have yet to be fully explored. Perhaps there will be a second chapter to this story.

For those of you that have been following the story of the Principal Clinical Year in 1968, the second to last chapter describes the excitement and disappointment of that year's presidential election and my feelings at the time that it was time to move on; there were other, important things to do.

Copies of the WCMS Bulletin are available at the WCMS office at 5 Research Drive, Suite C, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. To request a printed version, please contact Gabrielle Szlenkier at or (734) 668-6241.

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