Washtenaw County Epi Alert – Hepatitis A

Due to a multi-state outbreak of Hepatitis A, potentially contaminated frozen strawberries have been recalled.  Several food establishments in Washtenaw County and many others across Michigan received the frozen strawberries and may have served them to customers in the past months.  To date, no cases of Hepatitis A illness have been linked to the strawberries in Washtenaw County.

Here is the latest information from Michigan Dept of Agriculture (MDARD) and a list of locations where the potentially contaminated strawberries may have been served:,4610,7-125-50772_51097-397016--,00.html

Post-exposure prophylaxis. To help prevent illness, Hepatitis A vaccine can be given up to 14 days after exposure to healthy persons between the ages of 1yr and 40yrs. Immunoglobulin (IG) is recommended for individuals outside of this age range or if someone is immune compromised.

Report cases. Clinicians need to test for and report all cases of Hepatitis A to Public Health at (734) 544-6700 (phone) or (734) 544-6706 (fax).

Washtenaw County Public Health News Item:

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