Free Hearing & Vision Screenings

Washtenaw County Public Health is pleased to announce the availability of free hearing and vision screenings now through August. Screenings are required for all children entering preschool and kindergarten this fall. Screenings are by appointment. Please call 734-544-6786 to schedule.

“Summer time is a great opportunity for children entering preschool or kindergarten to be screened free of charge,” says Deborah Thompson, lead hearing and vision technician with Washtenaw County Public Health.  “Early identification of hearing and vison problems prepares children for future academic and social success. Every child deserves to see and hear as well as possible,” continues Thompson.

Screenings are available for children and young adults up to age 21 and to special education students up to age 26. Washtenaw County Public Health is located at 555 Towner Street in Ypsilanti. The Hearing and Vision program’s summer hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The majority of hearing and vision screenings are completed in area schools, including public, private and charter schools and preschools. Office appointments are available for children entering school for the first time, those new to the area or any child who is experiencing hearing or vision difficulties and has not already been referred for follow up services.

Regular vision screenings are scheduled during preschool, kindergarten and grades 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. During a vision screening, each student is tested for visual acuity, farsightedness, her or his ability to use both eyes together and symptoms of eye problems.

Hearing screenings are scheduled during preschool, kindergarten, grades 2 and 4 and if a child enters the Michigan school system as a new student. Hearing screenings are performed using an audiometer and other equipment based on the child’s needs. Washtenaw County Public Health also retests all newborns in the county who fail their initial hearing screening at birth.

In 2014, Washtenaw County Public Health’s hearing and vision technicians screened 19,762 area children for hearing and 24,476 children for vision. They made over 2,000 referrals for follow up services.

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