WCMS Membership

WCMS Provides:

  • Leadership and learning opportunities
  • Legislative advocacy with local as well as state legislators
  • Local networking events and programs

A Membership in WCMS is About the Medical Community as a Whole

Each physician’s membership dues help support an organized, unified effort to advance the medical profession, locally and statewide.

WCMS cultivates resources and fosters relationships to boost visibility and credibility of the medical profession in the community.

The WCMS mission is 100% driven by the voice of physicians and is not motivated by profit or self-interest.

With WCMS Membership, You'll:

  • Add to your connections and influence instantly
  • Make your voice heard on local, state and national healthcare issues
  • Connect with local physicians and the health of our community
  • Gain education on topics of interest and current controversies in medical practice

Because we work with the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS), and are affiliated with the American Medical Association (AMA), your membership connects you even more.

WCMS has been empowering physicians since 1827, with almost half of the physicians in Washtenaw County belong to WCMS.  Whether you want to be actively involved, or hold the prestige of being a member in good standing, the WCMS welcomes you to Washtenaw County.

Join WCMS and MSMS and You are Eligible For:

  • Listing in the WCMS Physician Directory
  • Referrals from the WCMS office and website
  • Advocacy with Washtenaw County and state legislators
  •  The WCMS Bulletin
  • Member discounts on CME Programs
  • Michigan Medicine Magazine
  • Discounts on practice management education
  • Assistance with reimbursement and coding problems
  • On Demand Webinars
  • Access to MSMS “Members Only” products and services