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Mirror Neurons and Empathy: An Interactive Cased-Based Approach to Treating Difficult Patients

Presentation by: Dr. Evangeline Spindler, MD Past President, Michigan Psychoanalytic Society; Training and Supervising Analyst, Michigan Psychoanalytic Council Faculty, University of Michigan Medical School and Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute, Ann Arbor Summary by Sallie J. Schiel, Executive Director WCMS Dr. Spindler began her presentation by describing what potentially constitutes a “difficult patient” and many of the…
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Washtenaw County Pandemic Group

Contribution Author: Sandro Cinti, MD The Washtenaw County Pandemic Group (WCPG) met again on September 22, 2010. WCPG is an adhoc group of hospital, community medical, health department, and local emergency management leaders who first assembled in the fall of 2009 under the auspices of the Washtenaw County Medical Society to address difficult issues regarding…
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County Program for the Uninsured Open Only in October and November

"Washtenaw Health Plan (WHP) is a health coverage program for low-income Washtenaw County residents who don't have access to affordable health insurance. WHP helps people get the health care services they need.  WHP members are enrolled in WHP Plan B or WHP Plan A.  Click here for A Guide to Free and Low Cost Health Coverage for…
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New Website Inaugurated

Our new website is inaugurated. Content from our members, meetings, and newsletter will also be posted here! Also, additional news and relevant information will be here. If you subscribe to RSS feeds - you can follow us through that modality. If you have a smartphone (iPhone, iPod Touch, or Blackberry) you can access this site…
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