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More on Motorcycles

Here is a message from Jim Mitchiner Once again, the state Senate has passed a bill repealing Michigan’s mandatory motorcycle helmet law. If this bill becomes law, it would have catastrophic consequences for injured motorcyclists in Michigan, and would impact the economy as well, since taxpayers would foot the bill for acute and chronic medical…
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Michigan’s Helmet Law at Risk

Submitted by William Meurer, MD, MS An Open Letter to Governor Rick Snyder Given the legislature’s attention on a potential public health problem, I recently contacted the governor. Below is my letter to Rick Snyder (delivered via email) and his response presented here verbatim. Since injury prevention is an important role for physicians, and the…
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Uncompensated, non-emergency care liability bill passes Michigan House

Submitted by Will Meurer House Bill 4350 amends the Public Health Code to provide liability protections to physicians who volunteer their time to offer free care and provides liability protections to physician offices that treat the underinsured or uninsured in a non-emergency situation. The House passed this bill on April 26 and it has been…
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