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WCMS 2Q Bulletin Online Now!

You will want to read this issue! Patients began to die unexpectedly at the Ann Arbor VA Hospital in 1976.  Read about the “Paralyzing Summer” and the story behind the story. Dr. Abdul El-Sayed wants to run for Governor:  medical students give their impressions of Dr. El-Sayed. MPRO has been overseeing quality of care in…
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National Prescription Drug Take Back Day This Saturday, April 29

Disposing of Unused Medications Prevents Drug Thefts, Abuse, and Overdoses Addictive prescription drugs that are thrown away or left untended on shelves and in drawers at home are often stolen and either abused or sold by family members and visitors. That's why the DEA and thousands of its state, local, and tribal law enforcement and…
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Washtenaw County Opioid Report

The most recent Washtenaw County Public Health Opioid Report is available here. Highlights include:  ·         Opioid related overdose deaths increased 20% for Washtenaw County residents between 2015 and 2016. ·         The average age of death is decreasing, especially for females.  The average age of death decreased 14 years, from age 43 in 2010 to age…
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Possible Exposure to Measles in Washtenaw County

Highly contagious disease highlights need for vaccination The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed a second case of measles in a Michigan adult. Washtenaw County Public Health is providing information to local residents because of potential exposure to measles on Thursday and Friday of last week. Anyone at either of the following…
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Washtenaw County Lyme Disease Summary Completed for 2016

Overview: 2016 marked the first year that Lyme Disease was definitively detected in Washtenaw County.   Evidence for the presence of Lyme transmission in Washtenaw County includes the following:  1.       Lyme infection was confirmed in an individual without travel outside of the county.  2.       A Washtenaw County chipmunk tested positive for the Lyme pathogen, Borrelia burgdorferi,…
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April 3 Last Day to Register for New MAPS

The Michigan Automated Prescription System (MAPS) is being upgraded with Appriss, PMP AWARxE software on Tuesday, April 4th. Upgrading the software platform is a crucial element in improving and measuring physician use of MAPS and thereby serving to help reduce the amount of prescription drugs available for illicit purposes. The new and improved MAPS AWARxE…
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Washtenaw County Influenza Update – Hospitalization Reaches 210

Total Hospitalization Reaches 210 Influenza appears to have peaked in Washtenaw County at the end of February, although flu activity remains high.  Influenza A/H3 continues to be the dominant sub-type, but Influenza B reports have become more frequent in the past few weeks. Flu-associated hospitalizations are at high levels, with most hospitalizations occurring among individuals…
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Washtenaw County Influenza Surveillance Update

Lab-confirmed Cases:   Influenza activity in Washtenaw County peaked during the last week of February.  Reports of confirmed influenza remain high, however, and flu viruses will likely continue to circulate actively for the next  4 – 6 weeks.  Influenza B diagnoses are increasing, and since March 1st, influenza B has been 45% of the flu reports…
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UPDATE: Data Submission Registration for MAPS Now Available

The State of Michigan will be replacing the Michigan Automated Prescription System (MAPS) with Appriss, PMP AWARxE software, effective April 4, 2017. As directed by the Michigan State Medical Society's (MSMS) House of Delegates, upgrading the software platform is a crucial element in improving and measuring physician use of MAPS and thereby serving to help…
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