WCMS Bulletin: Fall 2021 Edition

Access the digital 3rd quarter issue of the 2021 WCMS Bulletin:

What to Look for in this Edition of the WCMS Bulletin from Editor Richard Burney, MD: 

A large portion of this issue of the Bulletin is devoted to business that came before the 2021 House of Delegates. I call your attention to two articles in particular: first, an essay on the membership crisis, which is affecting both county and state societies, and second, related to that, two resolutions that were passed at the HOD related to that crisis. I encourage you read Resolution 13-21 (page 24) and to take the time to read the fine print from the Reference Committee accompanying HOD Resolution 04-21 (page 21).

WCMS President Terence Joiner calls attention to the importance of non-profit groups in our community. He has been featuring brief presentations by these groups as a regular part of the monthly Executive Committee meetings to raise awareness of the important work they do.

For diversion, you can turn to Share Your Story, in which the adventure of the ‘trip north’ on vacation in the 1950’s is recounted by one who was a child at the time. This may be the first of a series about family vacation cottages, which are a Michigan tradition.

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