WCMS Bulletin: Fall 2020 Edition

Access the digital 3rd quarter issue of the WCMS Bulletin: Why Join WCMS, Rethinking the MSMS House of Delegates, WCMS and Washtenaw County Health Department Host 2nd Annual Cannabis in Practice Webseries, and More!

What to Look for in this Edition of the WCMS Bulletin from Editor Richard Burney, MD:

In this issue of the Bulletin, once again there is a potpourri of stories to read.

There is a memorial note about Philip Margolis, MD, who came to Ann Arbor at an age when most physicians are retiring to pursue his first love, assisting patients with mental illness. He did this on as many fronts as he could. He did this as director of the Washtenaw County Community Health, as founding member of the University of Michigan Hospitals’ Ethics Committee, as a tireless advocate for adequate health coverage for mental illness – "parity" was his watchword -- and in the medical society at the county and state levels. In short, he made a difference at a time in life when others are retiring.

Our outgoing 2020 President, Jim Szocik, MD revisits a common theme for presidential essays: why it’s important to be involved in the county medical society. When, as president of the Society, you become immersed in the work that it does day-to-day, much of which is behind the scenes, and you realize how important this work is for the membership and how important the membership is to this work.

While on this topic, I want to put in a strong, good word for the work of our talented, savvy, and determined Executive Director, Gabrielle Szlenkier, who brought a level of political sophistication to WCMS that we had not seen before, who does not shy from leadership, who fights for WCMS daily, and whose instincts and principles are exactly as they should be: working not only on behalf of the membership but also for the health of the community.

You may wonder why there are no further stories about COVID-19. The reason for this is simple: the story is evolving so rapidly that any story we tried to write would be outdated before we could publish it. I call the readers’ attention to the WCMS bimonthly COVID-19 Workgroup meetings, which are recorded on the WCMS website and provide up-to-date information on the pandemic as it affects our community.

Finally, for diversion, turn to the "A Doctor on the Island," a true story about how a doctor on vacation and a retired personal injury lawyer with whom he rarely spoke combined to save a life on an island off the coast of the U.P.

Copies of the WCMS Bulletin are available at the WCMS office at 5 Research Drive, Suite C, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. To request a printed version, please contact Gabrielle Szlenkier at or (734) 668-6241.

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