WCMS Newsletter: January 2020

Health Can't Wait: Unite to Reform Prior Authorization and Step Therapy in Lansing on Jan. 30
Join coalition members and physicians from across the state on January 30 when Senate Bill 612, the prior authorization and step therapy reform legislation, is still set to be considered by the Health Policy and Human Services Committee.
The Coalition's mission to enact real and meaningful change. Help us demonstrate to legislators how important this issue is by creating a large and powerful presence in Lansing. Having you in the room WILL make a difference!
Resolutions for Washtenaw Review
MSMS House of Delegates, Spring 2020
The House of Delegates (HOD) is the official policy-making body of the Michigan State Medical Society. Resolutions are the vehicles used to debate and determine the policies, priorities, and direction of MSMS.
Do you have an idea about how to improve medicine, patient care, public health, or the profession? Submit it for the Washtenaw Delegation's review by 5:00 PM on February 5. Once received, resolutions are reviewed by the WCMS Executive Council for support and guidance prior to submission to MSMS. The delegation works to build concensus and craft strong resolution language. If approved by the delegation, WCMS will assume responsibility for submitting the resolution to MSMS. All are welcome to submit individual resolutions generally to MSMS online at this link through March 1 by 5:00 PM.
Check Out the Latest Articles in the WCMS Bulletin
In this issue of the WCMS Bulletin, Evelyn Eccles, MD wraps up her very successful year as WCMS President with a forward-looking essay on the importance of medical students and their ideas.
There are some hot topics that the Michigan State Medical Society, WCMS, and the legislature have been working on. Read about efforts to curb out-of-network billing and efforts to reduce the burden on prior authorization. Take note also of WCMS' opposition to legislation regarding management of Lyme disease, in which some legislators are trying to practice medicine without a license.
This issue also includes a report on the general session on cannabis with a link to the full recording of the presentations.
Finally, be sure to read through the latest Public Health report and the minutes of the Executive Council meetings.
Copies are available at the WCMS Office. To request a printed version, please contact the office at (734) 668-6241.
Business of Medicine Membership Event on Feb. 13
Get ready to learn everything medical school didn't cover with OCMS and WCMS on Thursday, February 13. Speakers will cover:
  • contract negotiation
  • HR and personnel management
  • financial planning
This session will be held at Weber's Inn at 3050 Jackson Avenue in Ann Arbor. Registration and reception will begin at 6:00 PM; presentations and dinner will run from 6:30-8:30 PM.
Don't miss out on this premiere membership event! Click to register here.
Don't Miss Out! Renew Your MSMS/WCMS Membership
MSMS and WCMS are here to help you survive medical school, navigate residency, start your practice on solid footing, and help protect your patients and the practice of medicine throughout your career. We are proud to fight for you and your patients in the legislative and political process. We work to help you overcome your practice’s daily challenges with management tools and resources.
Click here to renew electronically, or call the MSMS Membership Department directly: (517) 337-1351.

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