WCMS Newsletter: September Edition

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WCMS Bulletin: Summer/Fall Edition

Washtenaw County had an active and engaged presence at the MSMS House of Delegates and has not been afraid to challenge policies and, this year, the MSMS plan for governance reform. In this issue, WCMS President Evelyn Eccles describes how she and the delegation advocated for an alternative governance plan from the one MSMS had put forward. The HOD agreed and passed it overwhelmingly.

There continues to be activity and controversy regarding the opioid epidemic. In Washtenaw, there were two educational programs related to this. One, co-sponsored by University of Michigan/OPEN and Harvard University, was devoted to the broad background issues leading up to the crisis. The second, put on by WCMS, was entitled Navigating the Opioid Waters and offered practical information for physicians dealing with opioid-dependent patients.

The medical student perspective is offered by students who attended the spring HOD meeting and the follow-up AMA meeting in June. It is great to see the active interest our students are taking.

In Share Your Story, nephrologist Richard Swartz, MD, describes patient care at its best in an affecting, poignant story about a special house call.

Finally, the Bulletin interviews Larry Junck, MD, Washtenaw County's new district director and member of the MSMS Board of Directors.

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WCMS Legislative Meeting on Monday, Sept. 16 at 7:30 AM

Join the WCMS Legislative Committee, led by Chairman Jim Mitchiner, MD, MPH, and MSMS lobbyist Christin Nohner to discuss the latest legislative updates with local state and federal lawmakers. Items on the agenda include:

·     Prior Authorization/Health Can’t Wait

·     Surprise Billing

·     E-Prescribing Mandate

·     Lyme Disease

·     E-Cigarettes

·     Budget

Breakfast items provided. To attend, please contact Gabrielle Szlenkier at (734) 668-6241 or via email.


County Health Department Requests Feedback: Teen Vaping

The Washtenaw County Health Department is requesting the brainstorming power of residents ages 13 to 21 to create a youth vaping education and campaign strategy. Encourage eligible participants to take the survey:

All responses will be kept anonymous. Names and and personal information will not be connected to anything shared in the survey. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.

If you or someone you know is seeking help to quit vaping or tobacco use, text "Start my quit" to 855-891-9989.



WCMS Looks to Newly Formed Nominating Committee and MSMS Board Seat Opportunities

In Spring 2019, more than 200 Delegates and Alternate Delegates convened for the 154th annual meeting of the MSMS HOD to debate and determine the policies, priorities, and direction of MSMS.

The HOD overwhelmingly approved the Final MSMS Organizational Remodeling Recommendations. Key provisions include:

·     Board size maintained – 34 members

·     Current Board members will be able to serve out their regular terms

·     Nine regions - ensuring geographic representation on the Board is maintained, while eliminating fluctuation with membership changes

·     Retains current seven officer positions (President-Elect, President, Immediate Past President, Speaker, Vice-Speaker, Secretary, and Treasurer) and three section positions (Young Physician, Resident, Student)

·     Up to six new designated (non-geographic) seats created with the same three three-year term limits as geographically elected members

·     Nominating Committee consisting of one representative from each of the nine regions and the Immediate Past President

·     Board review of its composition every three years with a report to the HOD on recommended adjustments

The Nominating Committee will vet candidates for each of the six, new designated seats:

·     Physician Organization (PO) Leader

·     Independent Small Practice

·     Physician Leader from Health System

·     Physician Serving in Government/Public Health Role

·     Designated Institutional Official or Physician Representing GME Training

·     At Large Physician

The Committee will present the slate of candidates for open positions at the House of Delegates each year. The HOD will have the final vote on the slate of candidates for the designated seats.

Are you interested in being considered for one of these six seats? Please contact Gabrielle Szlenkier at (734) 668-6241 or via email.



Five Ways for Physicians to Reduce Financial Stress

Advertisement: MD Wealth Management, LLC

"There is no shortage of items that add stress to your life as a physician. From concerns about your patients, to the hassle of dealing with your organization’s EHR and growing administrative burdens, fighting burnout, and trying to manage the work-life balance amidst a demanding career, you have plenty on your plate. While personal finances should not be yet another item on this list to worry about, it unfortunately is often the reality. MD Wealth Management believes that finances should not detract from an individual’s quality of life. In this article we will share advice and ways to minimize your financial stress and allow you to focus on being a physician."

Highlights include:

1.  Avoid Taking on too Much Debt

2.  Protect Against Your Risks

3.  Automate Your Saving

4.  Be Intentional With Spending

5.  Discuss Finances With Your Partner

Click here to view the full piece.


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