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MSMS Legislative Update: Auto No-Fault

Negotiations in Lansing have continued on auto no-fault, centering around the reforms contained in HB 4397/SB 1 which are deeply flawed (see the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault's summary here.) Unfortunately, these discussions are at the staff level and only between the Governor and House and Senate leadership.

There is still time to send a message to the Governor by following this link!

MSMS’s current strategy has been in line with CPAN’s, which remains to express a strong message to the Governor to veto these measures. For the latest breaking information on the legislation, follow the CPAN Facebook page here.


WCMS Bulletin: Spring Edition

The spring issue of the WCMS Bulletin offers a wide variety of informative articles on contemporary problems, as well as snapshots of medical history. Confronted as our nation is with a measles epidemic, you will want to read WCMS President Evelyn Eccles’ take on the vaccinations and why some persons don’t recognize the extreme importance of vaccinations to protect the public health of the community and learn about the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

The Bulletin pays tribute to Dr. Jim Mitchiner, who is completing three, outstanding terms as District Director and service on the MSMS Board, keeping WCMS well-informed about MSMS business and being one of our spokespersons in Lansing.

Regarding another societal epidemic, that of excessive incarceration, Dr. Jerry Walden, who has been recognized for his humanitarian work over many years, provides insight into his education in this regard while serving as a physician in a federal prison, and calls attention to ‘restorative justice,’ as an innovative and fairer way to deal with non-violent crime.

Dr. Richard Burney’s saga of being a medical student in 1968 continues with the events of the second half of a three-month rotation on surgery, his first skin-to-skin operation, making remarkably harsh judgments about my instructors, and attending a huge political rally for Eugene McCarthy at Fenway Park.

The wisdom of our medical students, as well as WCMS members, is reflected in the advocacy work and resolutions that have been submitted to the MSMS House of Delegates.

Contact us to submit a piece for publication or to request a printed copy of the WCMS Bulletin!


Childhood Obesity Rates in Washtenaw County Stabilize Over the Last 5 Years

Childhood overweight and obesity rates have continued to increase in the United States over the past 20 years. However, in Washtenaw County, childhood overweight and obesity rates have reached a plateau, staying at 26% over the last five years. For many children in the County, the overweight and obesity rates are the same or lower in 2017 compared to 2013. Additionally, rates of obesity alone in Washtenaw County children (12% in 2017) are lower than the childhood obesity rates in the United States (19% in 2015-2016 according to NHANES). Despite this local progress, inequities still exist for some children in the County.

Want to explore these data further? Please visit the Washtenaw County Childhood Obesity page to see more data by race, geography, or poverty for children in Washtenaw County.

For best practices to reduce childhood overweight and obesity in our communities, please visit this link.

Report and data prepared by Kelly McCarthy, MPH, Epidemiologist at Washtenaw County Health Department


The Unique Challenges of Managing Finances as A Physician (And How to Overcome Them)

Advertisement: MD Wealth Management, LLC

"Physicians are unique in many ways, including their personal finances. While physicians tend to be viewed as affluent members of society, the public often fails to appreciate the unique challenges that doctors face when managing their financial lives. Yes, the average physician does have a much higher income than the average American. However, physicians also face different obstacles when it comes to personal finance.

The earlier that physicians can identify and understand these obstacles, the easier it will be to plan around them and become intentional about leveraging the best asset: yourself.

In this article, we’ll explain some of the unique financial challenges faced by physicians and offer practical solutions for overcoming them. Understanding and incorporating these recommendations can allow physicians to avoid many common pitfalls and take purposeful actions towards the ultimate goal of achieving financial peace of mind." Click here to view the full article on the WCMS website.

Article highlights:

·     Student Loans

·     Delayed Start to Saving and Investing

·     Asset Protection

·     Busy Schedules and Physician Burnout

·     Unique Insurance Needs


Send 'Em Some Sugar: Membership Announcements

WCMS sends its congratulations to these members on their accomplishments:

·     Larry Junck, MD was approved as District Director for District #14 (Livingston, Lenawee, Monroe, and Washtenaw) at the 2019 House of Delegates meeting. Area delegates voted to approve Dr. Junck at the 2019 District Briefing after former District Director Jim Mitchiner, MD, MPH reached the term limit. In this role, Dr. Junck will be responsible for keeping the district abreast of critical information and advocating on the counties' behalf before the MSMS Board of Directors. Congratulations, Dr. Junck!

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