July 2017 Washtenaw County Opioid Report

July 2017 Washtenaw County Public Health Opioid Report

The most recent Washtenaw County Opioid Report is available at

The report provides timely information on opioid-related overdoses and deaths occurring among Washtenaw County residents. A few of the highlights include:

·         25% to 30% of opioid related overdoses for Washtenaw County residents result in death. 

·         Fewer opioid overdoses for Ann Arbor zip codes’ residents compared to Ypsilanti zip codes, but higher case fatality rate

·         Black/African American Washtenaw County residents who were admitted to an emergency department for opioid related overdoses are likely to be older compared to Whites.

·         As injection drug use accelerates the pace and severity of opioid addiction, it is important that we continue to monitor injection drug use. 

·         Washtenaw 18 -49 year old Washtenaw county residents who have injected drugs are more likely to:

-          Have inadequate social support

-          Poor mental health

-          Serious suicidal thoughts

-          Identify as gay or bisexual

-          Not receive needed mental health care,

compared to those Washtenaw county adults who do not identify as ever injecting drugs.

·         Seven percent of Washtenaw county middle school students identify having ever used a needle to inject illicit drugs.

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