Washtenaw County Opioid Report

The most recent Washtenaw County Public Health Opioid Report is available here. Highlights include:

 ·         Opioid related overdose deaths increased 20% for Washtenaw County residents between 2015 and 2016.

·         The average age of death is decreasing, especially for females.  The average age of death decreased 14 years, from age 43 in 2010 to age 29 in 2016 for Washtenaw County females.

·         Case fatality rates (proportion of all opioid related overdoses that result in death) have decreased in some zip codes.  This may signal greater access to Naloxone, the overdose reversal drug.

·         The pace of the opioid epidemic is accelerating for youth and young adults, in particular.  In 2010, 3% of opioid overdose deaths were to residents aged 15-24 years.  In 2016, 30% of opioid overdose deaths were to Washtenaw County residents in this age range. 

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