Washtenaw County Lyme Disease Summary Completed for 2016


2016 marked the first year that Lyme Disease was definitively detected in Washtenaw County.   Evidence for the presence of Lyme transmission in Washtenaw County includes the following:

 1.       Lyme infection was confirmed in an individual without travel outside of the county. 

2.       A Washtenaw County chipmunk tested positive for the Lyme pathogen, Borrelia burgdorferi, in late Summer 2016. 

3.       Populations of Ixodes scapularis (black-legged tick) were found in Washtenaw County in Fall 2016 and several ticks tested positive for Borrelia burgdorferi

The western part of Washtenaw County appears to be a focus of emerging infection.  However, since Lyme may be present in other areas of the county, all of Washtenaw County should be considered endemic.

 Description of Lyme Cases in Washtenaw Residents (2016):

 Total = 17 cases*

Age range = 3 years – 89 years

Gender = 71% male

Likely place of exposure to Lyme:

·         Washtenaw County = 4

·         Other Michigan counties = 5

·         States outside of Michigan = 6

·         International (Europe) = 2

*Probable and Confirmed cases by CDC criteria

 Actions for clinicians:

·         Consider a diagnosis of Lyme disease even in individuals who have not traveled outside of Washtenaw County

·         Report all suspected and confirmed cases to public health, including persons treated for Lyme disease and not tested 

·         If a rash is present, please include an accurate description (including measurement) or send along a photo of the rash

·         Lab testing should include both a Lyme antibody screen and a follow-up Western Blot confirmatory test

Lyme Healthcare Provider Tip Sheet:

 Washtenaw County Public Health Lyme webpage:

 Tick testing instructions:

 Posters for Tick Bite Prevention:

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