April 3 Last Day to Register for New MAPS

The Michigan Automated Prescription System (MAPS) is being upgraded with Appriss, PMP AWARxE software on Tuesday, April 4th.

Upgrading the software platform is a crucial element in improving and measuring physician use of MAPS and thereby serving to help reduce the amount of prescription drugs available for illicit purposes.

The new and improved MAPS AWARxE is expected to enhance the quality and safety of patient care, give physicians the necessary tools for their part in helping to address opioid misuse/abuse, and reduce administrative hassles and processing delays.

With the new software platform, MAPS AWARxE will be able to offer new functionality and timely information sharing such as:

  • Patient-Centered Alerts
  • Recent Request History
  • Delegate Activity
  • Prescriber-Specific Announcements
  • Seamless Integration of Interstate Data Sharing

The Bureau of Professional Licensing’s MAPS support team has created a step-by-step tutorial -- MAPS AWARxE User Registration Process Tutorial.

MAPS site:

Registration Guide:

When registering please have the following items: DEA Registration ID (#), Controlled Substance License ID (#), License ID (#), NPI, Employer Address


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