Washtenaw County Flu Update – January 10, 2017

Lab-confirmed Cases:   Reports of confirmed influenza in Washtenaw County residents are increasing rapidly, with 30 new cases reported in the week ending January 7, 2017.  The predominant strain being reported locally is A/H3, with a few cases of influenza B reported as well.  The age range of locally confirmed flu cases is 1 year to 97 years old, with a median of 40 years.  Nationally, the influenza viruses tested so far are similar genetically to the strains in the 2016-17 vaccine (

Please see the local flu curve:

Hospitalizations and Deaths:  Flu-related hospitalizations in Washtenaw residents are rising.  To date, the age range of individuals hospitalized is 28 years – 97 years, with 68% aged 70 years and older.  No flu-related hospitalizations have been reported in children (0 – 17 years) this season.

Unfortunately, the first flu-related death in a Washtenaw resident for the 2016-17 season was reported this week.  The older adult (75 yrs+) had confirmed influenza A infection.

Hospitalizations and Deaths in Washtenaw Residents with Confirmed Influenza

Total Hospitalizations* Hospitalizations

Week of 1/1 – 1/7/17

Child Deaths*

(0 – 17 years)

Adult Deaths*

(18 years and older)

28 12 0 1

  *Starting Oct 2, 2016

Facility outbreaks:  In the past week, one long-term care facility has reported a flu outbreak.  Influenza A has been identified in a number of residents.  Tamiflu prophylaxis has been offered to others in the facility. Guidance for managing influenza outbreaks in long-term care facilities is available on the CDC website:

Flu Vaccine Availability

Providers should continue to promote vaccination.  Washtenaw County Public Health still has flu vaccine available for all ages.  Please call (734) 544-6700 for an appointment.

For local influenza information:

For Michigan influenza information:

For national information:

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