Take Action to Protect Auto No-fault Today!

350x100_AutoNoFaultWith less than 24 hours notice, the Senate Insurance Committee yesterday voted to pass Senate Bill (SB) 248, a bill making sweeping changes to the Michigan auto no-fault system.

Specifically, SB 248 would:
  • Create an auto insurance fraud prevention authority;
  • Create an entirely new catastrophic claims system;
  • Impose a $15 per hour limit for in-home provided care regardless of the skill level required to safely care for the auto accident survivor;
  • Require a 20% co-pay (up to $200 a month) on attendant care, which would be a significant financial hardship for many families;
  • Apply a fee schedules for health care provided under the auto no-fault system, despite the fact that workers comp is not designed to address catastrophic injuries; and,
  • Do nothing to ensure rate payer relief.
Your Action is Needed Today!
As you read this alert, Senate Republicans are holding a closed door session, deciding whether to pass the bill today or not.

Your voice is critically important. Right now, without delay, please use the MSMS Engage system to send a prepared message to all Senators.

Please contact those Senators with whom you have a relationship, and/or if they represent your specific region.


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