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Doctors, Sheriffs Unite Against Powdered Alcohol in Michigan

LANSING, MI -- A powdered alcohol known as "palcohol" has been approved by the federal government, but members of Michigan's medical and police communities said today it could spell trouble. "We feel that powdered alcohol equals big trouble in a small packet," said Dr. Brad Uren of the Michigan College of Emergency Physicians, and President…
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No-Fault Insurance Bill a Shameful Grab – Mitch Albom

You never think about it until it happens to you. Then a car crashes, and your 4-year-old is on a ventilator. Your teenaged daughter is paralyzed. Your husband has permanent brain damage. Suddenly, the issue of how you care for these loved ones is very real. And how you pay for it is bruising reality.…
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Take it From a Doctor: Michigan Needs No-Fault

You never know when stepping off the curb or a drive to the store could lead to a debilitating injury.  Tell lawmakers to vote no on Senate Bill 248.  See the entire article by WCMS President, Brad J. Uren, MD,  at the following link:    
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Michigan Health and Hospital Association “Thunderclap” Support GME Campaign

Please take a moment to read Michigan Health & Hospital Association's campaign in support of GME funding:On Tuesday, April 21, the Michigan House Health Policy Committee will be hearing testimony on the critical role graduate medical education (GME) plays in ensuring access to high-quality, affordable healthcare across our state. As you know, each of the…
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Take Action to Protect Auto No-fault Today!

  With less than 24 hours notice, the Senate Insurance Committee yesterday voted to pass Senate Bill (SB) 248, a bill making sweeping changes to the Michigan auto no-fault system. Specifically, SB 248 would: Create an auto insurance fraud prevention authority; Create an entirely new catastrophic claims system; Impose a $15 per hour limit for…
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Senate Returns to D.C. Next Week – Urge Vote on SGR Repeal Now!

The SGR fight is not yet over. On April 13, 2015, the Senate will return to session. We expect them to quickly take up the issue of HR 2, the bill that will permanently repeal the SGR formula. The house has already passed this by an overwhelming margin. The president has indicated that he will…
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