Washtenaw County Flu Update

Lab-confirmed Cases: Reports of confirmed influenza in Washtenaw County are climbing quickly. The predominant strain being reported locally is A/H3N2, with a few cases of influenza B reported as well. The age range of confirmed flu cases is 2 to 99 years.

· 0 – 4 yrs = 7%

· 5 – 17 yrs = 26%

· 18 – 29 yrs = 12%

· 30 – 49 yrs = 15%

· 50 – 64 yrs = 15%

· 65 and older = 25%

Please see the local flu curve:

Hospitalizations and Deaths: Flu-related hospitalizations in Washtenaw residents are increasing. The great majority of local hospitalizations are in individuals 70 years and older (76%). No reported hospitalizations have occurred in children (0 – 17 years) to date. 81% of cases are female. Influenza A was detected in all hospitalized patients (except for one influenza B), with H3N2 the only A subtype found. No deaths in Washtenaw residents have been reported.

Hospitalizations and Deaths in Washtenaw Residents with Confirmed Influenza

Total Hospitalizations*

Week ending 11/29/14

Child Deaths*
(0 – 17 years)

Adult Deaths*
(18 years and older)
*Starting Sept 28, 2014

The Washtenaw hospitalization graph is available on our website:

Facility outbreak: On November 13, an outbreak of influenza was reported on a memory care unit in Washtenaw County. Nine residents were confirmed with influenza A/H3 and at least 3 were hospitalized.

Flu Vaccine Information

Vaccine match: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced on December 3 that of the A/H3N2 strains tested nationally, about half had drifted from the strain in the vaccine. This will likely mean reduced effectiveness of the vaccine. However, other circulating flu strains in the U.S. continue to match the vaccine formulation. Vaccination remains our best tool to prevent influenza infection.

CDC press release:

Vaccine availability: Currently, vaccine supply is good. Washtenaw County Public Health still has flu vaccine available for all ages. Please call (734) 544-6700 for an appointment.

For local influenza information:

For Michigan influenza information:

For national information:

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