Washtenaw County Flu Update

Washtenaw County Public Health has reported that since November 1, almost 40 cases of lab-confirmed influenza A have been reported in Washtenaw residents. Of the cases that have been subtyped, all have been A/H3. Six Washtenaw adults had flu-related hospitalizations last week; ages ranging from 57 – 93 years old.

On November 14, the first influenza outbreak in a long-term care facility in Washtenaw for this season was confirmed. Influenza A was detected in multiple residents on the same unit and three individuals were hospitalized. Samples have been sent to the State Lab for confirmation and subtyping.

Actions for Clinicians:

· Continue to promote vaccination in all persons 6 months and older.

· Consider antivirals for symptomatic individuals, especially if they are at high risk for complications from influenza infection. See the CDC webpage for current recommendations:

See the Washtenaw County Flu Activity webpage for more details on local flu surveillance:

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