Medicine’s Search For Meaning

Post - by Will Meurer (referenced blog not by me!)

This is a blog post in the New York Times - which received a lot of comments. At times, we in organized medicine are looking for ways to engage younger physicians. The approach to considering wellness and the human side of medicine possibly representes an area where we can distinguish ourselves as organizations.

"Every day, we are reminded that the health care system is in crisis. We are going bankrupt. There are too many lawsuits. We practice defensive medicine. We restrict access. But surveys of doctors indicate a problem that penetrates much deeper than this. Today, almost 50 percent of doctors report symptoms of burnout — emotional exhaustion, low sense of accomplishment, detachment."

Maybe someone in our group could start leading finding meaning sessions (definitely targeting a mixture of young and more experienced physicians) based on Naomi Remen's work.


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